Green Dream Home
Jenish House Plan 4-3-589

Award-winning builder integrates environmental measures into his own Jenish-designed home.

One of the finest new houses in Red Deer, Alberta, is a fitting reward for a lifetime of hard work and home building for a former British Columbia farmboy.

"I am a modest person," said Edward Klop, founder and president of Klop Construction Management & Consulting Ltd., "but coming home makes me feel good, real good. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to build such a wonderful home"

Klop's dream home began with Jenish House Design plan 4-3-589. An award-winning home builder, Klop spent considerable time modifying and adding environmentally-aware changes to the design. He then asked Sal Uribe, a designer at the Jenish headquarters in Surrey, B.C, to make the dream design a reality.

The expansive house plan originally caused Red Deer plan checkers to pause. They requested that Klop receive approvals from his neighbours for a home that would have a roofline towering at least three feet higher than others in the upscale community. Approvals were also requested for the 10-foot high walkout basement.

These approvals were quickly given, and construction began in December of 2006. One of the reasons for the neighbor's enthusiastic welcome may have been Klop's reputation for quality construction – he has captured many awards of excellence and was named the builder of the best multi-family community by the Central Alberta Home Builders' Association – and his emphasis on completing a model of environmental construction

"I really wanted to have a home without a guilty conscience of being a glutton on energy," Klop said. This required careful selection of not only natural colors and materials, but the choice of electrical, mechanical, flooring and window products.

Klop chose high-performance, Low-E windows with an impressive R-value; opted for bamboo hardwood flooring, a quickly renewable product; and specified a NTI on-demand heating system, which warms most of the house.

He also installed two furnaces that are zoned for different floor levels, and are equipped with programmable thermostats.

The electrical system is made up primarily of efficient low-voltage lighting. "Every attempt was made to keep utilities costs as low as possible without compromising on comfort," Klop said.

The emphasis on "green" may harken back to Kolp's farming childhood. Born in 1966 as one of nine children, Kolp worked on the family's Agassiz farm before embarking on a successful career as a top B.C real estate agent and Alberta new home developer and builder.

Kolp plans on living in his new home for a while. However he has indicated he will begin planning his next fabulous Jenish home soon, perhaps in your neighborhood. You can find Edwards home located at 132 Isbister Close in Red Deer.



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