2173 Sq. Ft.


This two-storey, four-bedroom home not only exudes plenty of charm, it contains all the amenities that today’s modern families expect. The front door, tucked under a covered porch to one si...

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2191 Sq. Ft.


Brick accents and a multi-gabled roof line ensure that this attractive two-storey three-bedroom family has plenty of curb appeal. A bonus is the extra-large garage that offers storage for family vehic...

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2204 Sq. Ft.


In this attractive three-bedroom family home, the master bedroom enjoys its own covered balcony overlooking the back garden, as well as a large en-suite bathroom with a soaker tub and a shower stall.&...

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2211 Sq. Ft.


The great room’s lofty, double-height ceiling lends this two-storey, three-bedroom family home a dash of elegance. The entrance is sheltered by a covered porch. Through the front door, flan...

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2230 Sq. Ft.


An archway over the front entrance, a deep front porch, the curved extension of the highest gable and the decorative woodwork that frames the mullioned windows, all lend this three-bedroom family home...

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2426 Sq. Ft.


The open-plan great-room complex at the heart of this three-bedroom, two-storey family home includes a dining area and kitchen with a handy eating bar, making this space a magnet for family activities...

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2544 Sq. Ft.


This attractive multi-gabled three-bedroom family home, with an unfinished basement included in the plans, has enough curb appeal to make it an asset to any neighbourhood. And the interior lay-out is ...

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