Love the plan but want a bigger bedroom? An extended family room? Anything is possible with Jenish's modification service.

Modifications to any Jenish House Plan are a natural and welcomed process as your new house moves from conception to completion.

The changes may allow the plan to better fit on a specific building lot. For instance, the lot may be narrow, sloped or located on a corner. Some owners even change the plan to better reflect beliefs in Feng Shui, or a reorientation may be needed to capture a special view.

Other clients may want the roof line altered, or request a change to the windows or the main entrance to the house.

For the interior, modifications often relate to family requirements. An elderly relative may need an ensuite added to a main floor bedroom; a baby on the way may require nursery space. Some couples may want to expand a master suite by removing an adjacent bedroom.

There are also requests for in-home office space or alterations to make the house more accessible for handicapped persons.

In some cases, the number of changes may convince the designer to suggest an alternate floor plan which already has the required changes, or may be easier to modify.

In any event, the homeowner should consult the Jenish design staff as soon as possible about proposed modifications. It is much easier, and less expensive, to change plans to paper than during construction.

Sometimes the changes requested, such as removing walls or adding large windows, are limited by structural concerns. In other case such as altering a stairwell or adding a deck, may be restricted by local zoning bylaws. There are also additional construction costs to consider.

In all cases, however, Jenish designers will work closely with the client to assure all recommended modifications are completed to order. The result is truly custom, one-of-a-kind home.

Free consultation is offered on modifications to any Jenish House Plan. When changes are decided, an hourly rate for the drafting of the modifications is charged.

There's more...

With the constant change in municipal bylaws, and building lots take on a variety of shapes and sizes, Jenish will check the home you have chosen to see if it fits within all of the set requirements. Reversed plans, and material lists are available for any of our plans.

At Our Offices

Come see us at any of our offices and staff will direct you to a plan-viewing area where you can peruse through hundreds of plans. In house designers will provide you with the answers to your questions as you narrow in on your dream home. If you find a plan you would like to modify, see a designer to talk about what changes could turn our stock plan into a home that suits your lifestyle. Visit us to see what we have to offer!

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